About Maya

I've been there.  When our city mayor hired me and I stepped into my new office I thought I had reached my ultimate career goal but I wasn't happy.  
I was tired all the time, overweight, impatient, and I didn't have the energy to be the mom I wanted to be, or that I had imagined myself being.
I started implementing some changes that had a big impact and pretty soon I was enjoying my job a lot more and I enjoyed coming home at the end of the day.  
Wouldn't that be nice?  Wouldn't it be nice to look forward to coming home again? Wouldn’t it be just delightful to have someone totally help you get this handled, once and for all?

I developed a signature program that solves ALL of this…

I can show you how to recharge not only you, but your entire family homebase so that your home becomes a place that feels intentional, nurturing and rejuvenating.

Together, I can guide you to handle the key issues you need to solve to fall in love with coming home again… from how you do food, meals, grocery shopping and all of those not so sexy routines, to how you manage your time, how to create a home life that literally recharges you and pulls you forward, and even dare I say it, how to get you some much needed “me-time” without moving out of the country, living at a spa or spending hours at the gym.


If you’re serious about getting this handled, let’s see if I can help.
Apply today for a free Realistically Radiant Assessment and let’s see what it would be like to drop the weight, regain your center and make your home what it’s supposed to be: the foundation for a thriving career, marriage and family life. Click here to learn more.