Isn’t it about time you had the time to do more of what you love?

Imagine having time to play the piano with your children before dinner; to have a family dance party before bed; or just more time to relax.

You have more time for play; for creativity; for self-care and healthier habits.

Right now you work full-time and you can’t imagine meals not being stressful and feeling guilty ordering take-out one more night.  You never quite pull off planning in advance and so you get frazzled and always cook the same things.  You are bored in the kitchen; you want to know you can but something easy, healthful and delicious on the table that everyone will eat.

Welcome to Meals with Maya!  

I’m Maya Henry, a health coach and meal planner who is on a mission to make meal planning easy so that you have more time to spend with your family and do the things you love.

I believe that however you define work/life balance it is attainable for you and that you should spend as much of your day as possible doing something that you love.  As moms, we all deserve to have the time to take care of ourselves so that we can succeed.

I provide customized meal planning services and custom coaching packages designed to uncover what has been stopping you from reaching your health goals.  Click here to schedule a free 60-minute session with me!

Meals with Maya helps you unlock more time to spend with your family; saves you money by reducing grocery bills, food waste, and take-out orders; it lets you make three less decisions each day.  There is nothing more important that what you eat, and how you nourish yourself and your family.  I’d love to work with you to help you unlock more time in your busy life to relax and help you prioritize so you feel in control again.