I offer a variety of in-person cooking demonstrations, through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, within a 30-mile radius of Pittsburgh.  These vegan, whole-foods plant-based classes are available in your home or office.  Contact me for group pricing and information or book me through American Healthcare Group, LLC Pathways to SmartCare.  

Classes can last from 45-90 minutes and include a lecture, demonstration, recipe handouts
and a generous food tasting

Classes: Eating for Awesome Energy, Best Healthy Breakfasts, Meal Prep Made Easy, Allergen Friendly Cooking, Cooking for Great Digestion, Family Favorites, and Smoothies & Elixirs Magic.

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Eating for awesome energy

Feel vibrant all day with energy-boosting foods!  You’ve probably experienced the 3:00pm energy crash, where you feel so desperate and hungry that you reach for the nearest cup of coffee and a pastry to get through the day. 

Imagine if you could wake up in the morning feeling energetic and ready to go, sustain that level of vitality all day long, and then sleep soundly through the night?

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best healthy breakfasts

Breakfast replenishes us with nutrients after a long night of fasting, and offers us the energy and focus we need to tackle the day. Unfortunately, many of us slip into the habit of skipping breakfast or grabbing a cup of coffee and a pastry on our way out the door.

What if you could wake up to a healthy breakfast with minimal effort, easing the morning rush and fueling yourself and your family for the day ahead?

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Discover the simple tricks to planning for healthy eating!  It’s dinnertime and everyone’s hungry: but when you open the fridge there is nothing but a hodgepodge of vegetables that you don’t know what to do with, and you’re too tired to chop and prep anyway.

Imagine if you had breakfast, lunch and dinner prepped and ready to go in your fridge for a week of healthy eating – making mealtimes less stressful and more delicious?


Allergen-Friendly Cooking

Food allergies are on the rise and their prevalence affects us all. Even if you don’t have a food allergy, you probably know someone who does, or must follow certain dietary restrictions at the office or at schools to keep other people safe.
Cooking allergen-friendly food doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful – you can learn to cook with ingredients that help with allergy symptoms and how to make recipes you can eat with confidence.


Cooking for Great Digestion

Join me for a delicious culinary nutrition experience, where you’ll discover the important role food plays in the digestive tract and what to eat in order to support your gut health, as well as gain practical experience cooking recipes from start to finish.

All of the recipes are digestive-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free and utterly delicious.


Family Favorites

Many families struggle with finding the time to spend with one another in a fulfilling and meaningful way, especially as kids get older. But everyone’s got to eat, right? 

Join me for a delicious culinary nutrition experience, where you’ll discover how to make a variety of kid-approved, family-friendly recipes, as well as gain practical experience cooking recipes from start to finish.