I work with busy moms like you.  The only problem is that you are stressed out and you worry because you don’t have time to put a well-rounded, satisfying meal on the table at the end of the day.  You deserve to feel relaxed so that you can spend more time with your family.

Meals with Maya meal planning services can take the guesswork out of meal planning, put healthy food on the table your kids love and help you feel inspired in the kitchen again.

  • Right now you work full-time and you can’t imagine meals not being stressful and feeling guilty ordering take-out one more night.  
  • You never quite pull off planning in advance and so you get frazzled and always cook the same things.  
  • Meal planning is just one more thing to add to your on your “to-do” list every day.
  • You are bored in the kitchen or you lack confidence in your cooking; you want to know you can but something easy, healthful and delicious on the table that everyone will eat.

Do any of the above sound like you?  Moms I work with say they can’t find meals everyone in their family will eat and that their family is downright negative about their meal suggestions.  They don’t have the energy to plan out well-rounded meals and this just adds to their stress.  They are frustrated and forget ingredients at the grocery store.  Some have even said coming up with what to make is harder than the actual making of the meals.

Imagine having time to play the piano with your children before dinner; to have a family dance party before bed; or just more time to relax.  Imagine coming home from work and deciding whether to play catch or tag instead of deciding between pizza and pasta.

You have more time for play; for creativity; for self-care and healthier habits.

Meals with Maya helps you unlock more time to spend with your family; saves you money by reducing grocery bills, food waste, and take-out orders; it lets you make fewer decisions each day.  There is nothing more important that what you eat, and how you nourish yourself and your family.

My customized meal planning package is simple and straightforward; together we create a meal planning formula that works for your busy life.  

Customized meal planning will help you:

  • Save time.  Whether you already meal plan, or just waste time fretting about what to make for dinner each weeknight, customized meal planning will give you meals that you don't have to think about and that fit your busy lifestyle.  My clients have found this can save them at least 2 hours each week.
  • Easily plan out your weeknight meals and grocery lists.  
  • Have the flexibility to adapt meals when schedules change.
  • Banish the short-order cook from your kitchen!  Put together meals that everyone will eat.
  • Save money – take-out is expensive and you can stop wasting the food you didn’t have time to cook.
  • Create more time during the week to spend with your kids or on yourself.

What is customized meal planning:

  • A 30 minute call with Maya to discuss your specific meal planning challenges.
  • You complete a short online quiz so that I understand more about you and your family.
  • You get a template designed around your meal planning formula that you can use for future meal plans.
  • You receive four weeks of customized weeknight meal plans, tailored to your meal planning formula.  Use these plans and recipes over and over again to save you time.

BONUS: A custom private Pinterest board with your recipes you can use for inspiration ($39 value).

Cost: $197
Ready to banish meal-planning anxiety forever?  Click below to purchase your Customized Meal Plan!