Realistically Radiant Total Transformation: 90-Day Program

Reclaim your health and wellness, lose weight and create lasting habits in 90-days or less


Each session we will take a step closer to your optimal health.  To a place where healthy choices are inevitable.  After each session you will have small action steps to integrate the work we do into your daily life.  

Session 1: Goal Setting

What specific, measurable outcome do you want in 90-days and why?   You'll also complete an assessment of where you are now so you can look back in 90-days to see how far you have come (this is always AH-mazing!).

Session 2: Eating for Energy

When we feel tired or lack energy, we start making poor choices. On the other hand when you feel uplifted and positive, you will be able to make more conscious choices for yourself in every area of life.  We will identify which foods give you the absolute best energy (and which ones you should avoid).

Session 3: Honoring Hunger and Fullness

After determining what foods to eat for your unique body we will look at how you eat and how you can tune into your body to figure out if you are truly hungry or if you need a different kind of nourishment.  What are the signals your body sends you to let you know when you are full?

Session 4: Goal Review and Exercise

We will check in on the specific goal we are working toward, make any tweaks, and get you extra support if you need it.  We will tackle exercise together and create your personal exercise plan.

Session 5: Self-Sabotage

This is often the most important session for my clients.  How are you self-sabotaging your health and what is the underlying motivation?  The answers may surprise you.  Once we discover this information we set up tools so you can catch yourself and get back on track.  

Session 6: Being Naughty

Guess what?  Often we self-sabotage because we are tired of following the rules and being told what to do -- even by ourselves.  That's when you end up standing by the freezer eating ice cream alone in the dark or eating cookies out of your underwear drawer.  Well guess what?  Being a little bit naughty is healthy.  Together we explore how to be naughty and indulgent without falling back into your self-sabotage patterns.

Session 7: How to Relax

Are you moving at warp speed? Constantly eating on the go? Multi-tasking during the meal? These are all ways in which we feed the stress response and this can impede proper digestion. You can eat the healthiest meal on the planet, but if you eat it in a stressed out, anxious state, your digestion is dramatically diminished. The good news is that it it takes less than two minutes to de-stress the body and move it into a maximum nutritional metabolism. 

Session 8: Nourishment

Have you ever turned to food even though you weren’t physically hungry?  Me too.  We've already talked about what foods give you energy and why you self-sabotage.  The next step is discovering what really wants to be nourished when you turn to food to escape or soothe yourself and how you can do that -- without eating.

Session 9: Personal Power 

This week we are going to unlock your personal power and wisdom together and give you a tune up so you can tune into yourself whenever you need extra support.  Together we finalize any systems you need in place to support you going forward so that your continued success is inevitable.

Session 10: Celebration

This week we look at how far you've come, check in on your goals, and learn the practice of gratitude that you can use anytime you hear that inner-voice speak up and say you are not doing enough!  So powerful.  Let's celebrate all that you have accomplished and revisit your goals to see how far you have come.  This is also a chance to dream about what else you can accomplish now that you have reached your goal.

The details:

  • A personal welcome gift from Maya
  • 10 60-minute private coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support with a maximum 24-hour response time
  • Worksheets and checklists to help you stay on track

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