+ Isn't skateboarding DANGEROUS?

This is the number one fear that I hear when I tell people I decided to learn to skateboard at 40. Here's the deal. Learning skateboarding fundamentals like we are going to do is no more dangerous than many other activities such as running on a treadmill. Srsly.

That being said, we want you to have a positive experience and only you can determine if it is right for you to try. If you currently run, do yoga, or other exercise this is probably a good match. Reach out to Maya if you want to discuss further.

I wish I could tell you we are going to take you from ZERO to OLLIE in an hour, but that's just not realistic. If you want to practice your moves, you are welcome to stay and shred during Switch & Signal's Open Session following the event (1pm-9pm).

You'll also want to follow Switch & Signal on Facebook to stay informed of their weekly sessions for Adult Beginners (currently the first Monday of each month from 5-9p) and 12 & Under Session Saturdays from 9a-1p. You'll also definitey want to consider checking out the monthly Womxn & Grrrls session held the second Sunday of each month 5-9p. https://www.facebook.com/switchandsignal/

+ Do I need to know how to skateboard?

Nope. This event is geared towards beginners, but we'll have lots os personalized attention from Switch & Signal's instructors, and if you already have skateboarding experience you can totally work with an instructor on building up your skills.

+ What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes that you can wear knee and elbow pads over. Yoga pants and a long-sleeved shirt would work well. Bring a layer as it can be cool in the skatepark. If you opt to wear a helmet (highly recommended) you may want to wear your hair lower on your head, but we've got lots of size options available.

Shoes are probably the most important. Athletic sneakers are fine, but thin soled shoes like Keds are going to work a bit better for skating. So wear thin-soled sneakers if you have them so that you can really connect with your board.

+ Can I bring my own ...?

You can TOTALLY bring your own skateboard, helmet and/or pads if you have them. HOWEVER, Switch & Signal will have safety gear and boards available for everyone. We are asking that you bring your own yoga mat if you have it.

PLEASE contact Maya in advance if you need to arrange for any extra accomodations for your comfort or safety! (maya@mayahenry.com)

+ What is provided?

You're going to receive a full group skateboarding lesson that includes all safety equipment and access to a skateboard as well as an instructor-led yoga session and a group coaching session with Maya. You'll also receive bottomless coffee and tea and a delicious dairy-free, gluten-free brunch.

+ Who is this retreat for?

This event is inclusive of women, womxn, femme, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people. If you want to know if that includes you, email me at maya@mayahenry.com.

+ What are the physical limitations (injuries, etc.) that might prevent me from participating?

Skateboarding is inclusive, as is this event. While we might not have the tech to do something adaptive for this event specifically, I am open to working with you! Reach out to me at maya@mayahenry.com with any specific questions and I will do my best to answer you.