Staples Grocery List

Why doesn't everyone do this?  I'll be honest, I only recently started doing this myself.  For some reason I thought I didn't need it.  Then I had kids.  Then I had kids that ate food.  

Having a staples grocery list saves me a TON of time.  I'll be honest with you again, your staples grocery list can always be your back up meal plan with some slight tweaking.  

If you have a staples grocery list, you always have a meal plan.

Your staples grocery list will be used for weekly grocery shopping and should include things you buy each week.

It should contain ingredients to make basic breakfast and lunches each week as well as ingredients for your usual vegetable sides.

Create an extra section of your staples grocery list with ingredients for a few of your favorite weeknight meals, then instead of creating a full meal plan, if you are in a rush, just take a quick minute to cross off ingredients you already have before heading to the store.

Download my staples grocery list here.